Whether you require new timber fences to brighten up your yard or need a new perimeter fence installing at your industrial site, we’ve got the fences you need at Charfleets Fencing Ltd


  • Wood; concrete; metal
  • Safety fences
  • Security fences and barriers
  • Temporary and permanent fencing


  • Independent manufacturer with 8 years experience in fencing products. All timber is F.S.C certified
  • The best quality wood; pre treated, close board panels manufactured at our yard
  • Use a galvanised screw system for strength
  • Experienced, fully trained, permanent installation teams, CSCS qualified.
  • Friendly, courteous staff
  • Member of My Builder and advertise regularly in The Echo across Essex
  • Delivery service or collection available from Mon – Saturday
  • Our yard is open from 07:00am – 17:00pm Mon – Sat and 08:00am – 14:00pm
  • Great range of testimonials, feedback and picture gallery on our website
  • Health and Safety compliant and fully insured

Services We Provide

  • Quality Fencing; pre treated, feather edged panels
  • Bespoke Fencing Available; picket fencing, personal designs
  • We sell to experienced fitters across Essex, providing good quality fencing
  • Our yard is open from 07:00AM
  • All Gates Are Made To Size
  • All Posts Are Concreted With Post-Mix
  • Experienced Team
  • Free Written Quotations
  • Personal ServiceAll Work Is Guaranteed
  • Care Taken On Every Job
  • Fully Insured
  • Value For Money
  • Old Fence & Debris Will Be Taken Away

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